Feeder Automation Solutions

Automation Applications


Centrix is an advanced feeder automation platform from ACS that is the first solution to combine the performance and rapid deployment of a distributed solution with the power and reliability of a dynamic, model–driven approach. Centrix is flexible, scalable, easy to configure, and cost-effective to implement.

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Switch Control

NTX-20 Switch Controller

The NTX-20 controller is an economical solution for feeder automation where Ethernet and/or serial connectivity is desired. Combining both Ethernet and serial connectivity, master gateway, IED gateway, router, internal GPS precision time reference interface, binary inputs, and power supply functions in a single–package module, the NTX-20 controller interfaces with distribution line switches, capacitor banks, transformers, distributed substation breaker bays, water pumps, valve control devices, etc., to provide low–cost automation with the highest reliability possible.

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D060 Analog Input Mode

The D060 is an intelligent analog input module that uses Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology. The D060 was jointly developed by ACS and partner Efacec Automation, and is designed for use with remote terminal units (RTU) and other remote controllers/IEDs. It provides additional distribution automation feature and is ideal for use as an autonomous fault detection device. The D060 is integrated with other devices through MODBUS or DNP3 protocols.

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Distributed Energy Resources Management System suite

The ACS Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) offers this flexibility, enabling communication between the various devices necessary to accomplish the coordinated optimization of the feeder controlling devices..


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