DERMS - Distributed Energy Resources Management System


Interest in renewable integration within distribution networks is on the rise, both within the utility industry and with the public at large. If the legacy SCADA is not PRISM ADMS, the best value for return of investment, with the fastest time to implement, is a distributed Centrix platform that integrates seamlessly with existing SCADA system, feeder devices, communications systems and remote terminal units. The solution is to deploy a flexible architecture to manage the various components seamlessly, without expensive changes to legacy systems. The ACS Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) offers this flexibility, enabling communication between the various devices necessary to accomplish the coordinated optimization of the feeder controlling devices.


What can DERMS do for your grid


Increased renewable penetration throughout the power grid landscape is a growing trend. As renewable deployment grows, DERMS will optimize the performance of the feeder network and monitor in real time of impending problems. As renewable injection reaches critical mass, DERMS will safely maximize the amount of injection that is possible, or to provide emergency solutions to avoid network violations.

DERMS works as follows


PRISM DERMS issues control signals to feeder devices with the objective to optimize the operation of the feeder network. DERMS lowers the end of line Voltage and the line drop Voltage using LTC and regulators and reduces feeder losses through improvement of the power factor with capacitor switching. DERMS specific control to optimize the feeder includes dynamic control of the inverter’s real and reactive power injection from renewables such as photoVoltaic (PV) distributed energy resources and energy storage.

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