Intelligent Switching

Design Features

Similar to the Optimal Switch Plan application, the Intelligent Switching (ISW) application provides the capability to generate various switch plans for both planned and unplanned operational situations. It is expected that these switch plans will be generated on an ad hoc basis by the dispatcher, or generated as scheduled switching operations.

The switch plans generated will observe all violations and criteria as in the OSW application. The primary switching operations to be supported by ISW are:

  • Return-to-Normal: generate a switch plan which will return the system to its normal feeder topology.
  • Outage Plan and Scheduling: generate a switch plan which will produce an isolation and restoration plan for outage scheduling and device maintenance.
  • Restoration: generate a switch plan which will restore de-energized line segments and loads.
  • Cold Start: generate a switch plan which will match the load to the generation

In each case whenever it is not possible to restore all un-faulted network section due to violations, the application will provide options that allow consideration of constraint relaxation. When appropriate, the operator can accept a plan based on a selected constraint relaxation.

More Information

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