Interactive Voice Response


For utilities who do not have an automated IVR System, ACS offers both Emergency Crew Call-out and Customer Call-handling technology. PRISM utilizes automated telephony technologies, which streamline the performance of operations centers. Both touchtone and speech-enabled applications can automate routine tasks, provide access to customer information, outages etc. and route calls intelligently. 


Standard IVR features include:

  • Caller ID
  • Text to Speech
  • Voice recognition
  • 4 communication channels three channels in, one out for call back.
  • Alternate number call back


The power of the PRISM IVR Technology is its adherence to standards. The state of the art technology is leveraged through a powerful graphical user interface used in programming and developing new functions and rules. As a result the system is easy to setup, script, manage, and re-configure. PRISM IVR is fully integrated with our state-of-the-art OMS and provides a reliable, flexible, and scalable platform that fully supports W3C standards such as CTI and VoiceXML. The PRISM IVR Solution is extremely adaptable to the customer’s infrastructure and existing telephony and IP based technologies.  The solution enables traditional and VoIP based devices to access the IVR system.  


By using standard technologies and graphical development tools, ACS makes traditional scripted IVR applications easier to create, integrate, and maintain. Our graphical development environment enables straightforward call logic and data integration. PRISM IVR combines natural speech recognition and text-to-speech modules (also included), and enables a flexible and natural user interface with a variety of input device options. The telephony communications server platform interconnects with all major PBXs and ACDs on the market today without costly and proprietary hardware add-on’s and configurations.

The IVR platform offers:

  • A multi-modal platform that combines sophisticated call control functions with built-in web, email, fax and data communications capabilities 
  • An embedded VoiceXML browser 
  • Tight integration with best-in-class speech products [ScanSoft, Nuance, etc…] 
  • A graphical programming environment for rapid application development 
  • Designed to snap right into diverse telephony, data, Web services and back office environments 
  • Powerful management tools that significantly reduce the time and cost of administrating large-scale installations 
  • Open, standards-based product that ensures outstanding price/performance and rapid ROI


Interface to existing IVR platforms

PRISM OMS also supports an industry standard interface to existing IVR solutions utilizing  MultiSpeak v4.  The IVR interface supports ODEventNotification, CallBackListNotification, ManualCallList services. The following base functionality is provided:


  • The OMS will automatically process the IVR outage calls. 
  • Call back notification will verify restoration after the outage.
  • The system will support a call recording which is ‘attached’ to the Call for playback by the operator.

More Information

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