Design Features

PRISM OMS Workforce Resource (POWR) is a product designed to provide the user personalized tabular OMS outage, non-outage work information and network switch plan assignments to work crews. 


The available POWR applications are:

  • POWR mobile: Crew personal ticket assignment and update
  • POWR survey: Storm survey assessment and recording
  • POWR switch: Mobile switch plan mobile viewer (requires PRISM SwitchPlan)


POWR products function on iPad/Tablet/PCs and Smart Phones using iOS, Android or Windows OS. Browser support for a single code line is provided for platform agnostic browsers:  Chrome 10+, Safari 5 +.  Check with ACS for information pertaining to use on other browser types/versions.


POWR mobile

POWR mobile is a personalized task list of all work that is assigned to each crew. The job types that are supported include:

  • Each outage “Ticket” has an interactive user interface
  • Each non-outage (planned) work order has an interactive user interface
  • Customer call information is available as a view–only mode.
  • Each switch step assigned to the crew is available as a view–only mode.
  • Miscellaneous work forms, not listed here, are available with an interactive user interface


POWR mobile is designed to support data persistence. It does not require a continuous network connection.  POWR mobile is therefore designed to locally store data that can be uploaded to the OMS servers once communication is established.  A VPN security client is used in order to securely encrypt and protect the data.


POWR survey

POWR survey is an application designed to enable the operator to visually manage the complexity of assessing storm damage.  When a network is severely damaged, whether in whole or in part, POWR survey enables an operator to dispatch a crew, using the mobile application, to the area of the damaged feeder to perform a manual record or “survey” of the damage. The details of all assessed damage are uploaded to the control center, where the operator visually organizes and manages it for reconstruction and restoration.


POWR switch

POWR switch allows users of PRISM SwitchPlan Manager to employ a mobile viewer that enables them to easily access all the details of any switch procedure in the field.

More Information

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