Graphical User Interface


PRISM Real-time OMS offers unique graphical features that enable the dispatcher to monitor the restoration process, confirm the customer location, analyze the network impact and make any changes to its operation. 


The key to improving situational awareness during a crisis period is through a dynamic graphical User Interface integrated completely with all other relevant network data such as real-time data from the DMS. The information integrated within the network display may originate from many sources such as reported from field crews, telemetered by SCADA, called in by the customer through a customer service representative or handled automatically by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.



For both normal and emergency conditions the PRISM OMS network map supports dynamic colorization of all electrical feeder devices. The dispatcher is able to request the OMS to recolor the feeder network diagram to show various network conditions. The more common of these conditions include feeder topology, loop conditions, load violation conditions. The map supports toggled overlays which shows OMS data such as icons representing ‘calls’, incidents and outage tickets. 

More Information

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