Real-time Topology Processor



PRISMReal-time OMS includes a Topology Processor which calculates the network topology in real-time representing an accurate three phase model of the network state. The ability to calculate the actual real-time topology in spite of a sustained flood of recloser and device changes, such as would be expected during severe storms, is an important capability for secure and safe operations. 


PRISM Real-time Topology Processor colors the results on the network map showing various conditions such as loop, connectivity, outage by phase, as well as other visualization features which enable the user to focus the operators’ attention on the area of concern.


Topology Processor provides a trace capability showing upstream, downstream or all connected points trace. The network is colorized to trace from any selected location back to the source or away from the source or both. This is especially useful on complex geographic displays where the source location is not obvious. 


The trace options include selection of “Trace by Phase” with the ability to specify colorization by phase or trace with a single color. Trace by phase enables selection of a trace of one or more phases; calculating a logical “OR” of the selected phases to trace.  For example, if the user selects phases A and B to trace, the function will highlight any section that carries either the A or the B phases. Trace by phase also supports the ability to perform a ‘Dynamic Trace’ on a de-energized phase or phases.   This enables the operator to select a de-energized line section and trace upstream to the open connection that is blocking the power flow and thereby identifying an upstream break.


The system also allows the user to visually identify all of the ‘Hot’ open switches of any feeder with de-energized sections, helping to identify possible sources of restoration. 



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