Switching Plan Generation


PRISMReal-time OMS supports a powerful SwitchPlan application which is used to create switch orders and to manage their execution and archiving. Switch plans may be created using supported advanced functions such as Intelligent Switching and Optimal Switching. The plans may be generated manually by the Operator / Dispatcher. SwitchPlan offers visualization with the geographic map diagram. 


The PRISM user interface displays an icon with the plan ID on the network diagram/map. Each of the numbered switching steps in the sequence is also displayed identified by its step number for a visual clue as to the location of each step sequence linked to the plan icon. 


A dynamic SwitchPlan menu panel can be opened in the OMS graphical user interface. The menu displays the complete scheduled switch plan and is used as a quick reference guide to search and locate the plan on the map. Clicking the plan or by clicking the plan’s step number will automatically pan and locate the plan within the map.



Manual creation of switch plans is aided through the use of key word macros and templates which are used to create utility specific switching steps and phraseology. The switch plans may be attached to the Ticket or Work Order for a fully archived and linked set of documents for each job.

More Information

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