MultiSpeak® is a key industry-wide standard for enterprise application interoperability.  It has become the most widely applied standard in North America for distribution utilities and all portions of vertically-integrated utilities except in the generation and power marketing areas.  According to the MultiSpeak initiative, the standard is currently in use in daily operations of more than 725 electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and public power districts in at least 19 different countries.


The MultiSpeak Initiative is a collaboration of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), industry software vendors and utilities. The Initiative has developed and continues to expand the MultiSpeak Specification for Interoperability a specification that defines standardized interfaces among enterprise software applications commonly used by electric utilities.


The interfaces for the ACS Real-Time Gateway support MultiSpeak versions 3 and 4 in addition to providing the following:

  • Core messaging services that include
    • exception based messaging from SCADA/DMS to consumer application
    • write-back capabilities from a secured consumer application to SCADA/DMS (does not allow control operations for security purposes)
  • Standards based TCP-based services, HTTP/SOAP and JSR-168 compliant architecture
  • Integration layer for the SCADA/DMS services
  • Business process management functions that allow you to create the services and orchestrate the data mapping and information needs based on your business process requirements
  • Optionally, you can connect any other presentation solution as a service consumer


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Engineering Analysis (EA)

ACS' Real-Time Gateway interface provides real-time or on-demand updates to the EA application for greater accuracy to analyze electric distribution network for system planning and operations.


Outage Management System (OMS)

ACS' Real-Time Gateway interface provides critical SCADA event updates to the OMS to enhance the responsiveness and timeliness of outages triggered in the distribution network.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR system automatically answers customer calls and routes them to the OMS. The ACS Real-Time OMS Gateway interface considerably streamlines the process of manual call taking and coupled with a bi-directional interface - call backs are also automated.


Dynamic Graphics Viewer (DGV)

The ACS' Real-Time Gateway interface provides real-time information to any presentation applications or dashboards that are commonly used for visualization of the electric grid.


Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

The AMI interface manages communications with meters, typically via the Meter head-end server. ACS leverages the AMI system to retrieve last-gasp messages for OMS and telemetry data for IVVC/CVR applications; additionally IVVC/CVR is also positioned to connect/disconnect voltage regulators and capacitor banks.


Customer Information System (CIS)

Connectivity is critical for any network operations; The ACS' Real-Time Gateway interface provides a mechanism to access the customer-service location-meter and load transformer information for use in the SCADA/OMS/DMS platform. There are occasions where updated information in the OMS needs to be posted back to the CIS via a secure messaging architecture. This data flow/process provides better accuracy of the system when updates are needed to be captured from all customer facing end-points.


Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

The ACS' Real-Time AVL Gateway interface combined with the ACS OMS/DMS platform provides a single, powerful, location-based view of crews and the work they are performing in the field. With an integrated live network / OMS map view of operations, dispatchers and supervisors can see vehicle locations, view work orders assigned to crews, monitor work progress in real-time and manage / redirect resources as required. 

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