Training Services


Knowledge is power. What happens when you have the skills you need to succeed? Everything. Our in–depth training courses broaden our customers’ understanding of their ACS hardware and software, and help make them experts in the maintenance and operation of sophisticated utility automation systems.


Our extensive curriculum ensures that all ACS customers have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know – at least everything that experience can’t teach!  We present intense practical classes, supplemented with hands–on experience. This approach brings students up–to–speed in the shortest time possible. We teach the essential functions needed, along with valuable tips and advanced techniques that will help you harness the power of our system’s extensive capabilities. 


Small class sizes ensure maximum instructor–student interaction. Class lectures are permeated with hands–on exercises andplenty of time for questions. Our instructors are experienced ACS professionals and engineers, with extensive on-site engineering and HelpDesk experience and knowledge.


We can also help you design custom training programs that exactly match your specialized needs. Our comprehensive schedule means you can efficiently coordinate training with the delivery and installation of your system. Classes are sequenced so that you can minimize travel time by taking related courses during a single visit to our training facility. 


Scheduled classes take place at our dedicated training facility, located at our headquarters in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.  We also offer onsite training—our engineers will come to your facility to train your personnel, on your system. We can customize courses specifically for your utility.



Benefits of ACS’ comprehensive training programs include:

  • In–depth, hands–on training experience 
  • Small class sizes
  • Dedicated training classroom
  • Customized training plans
  • Coordinated course scheduling
  • On-site training available
  • Refresher course discounts
  • Training coupons for support customers



Standard courses offered are:

  • Linux/PRISM Fundamentals
  • NTX Service & Operation 
  • Database and Display Editor
  • Operator/Dispatcher Training
  • PRISM Real–Time OMS
  • Advanced Applications
  • Oracle for PRISM Users 
  • Advanced PRISM Features
  • PRISM Portal Reporting
  • Linux System Administration 
  • DASmap Modeling
  • PRISM Scripting



Most training courses are offered on a regular schedule (based upon demand) in our dedicated classroom facility, while some courses such as Operator Training are best performed on-site using the installed customer system.  


Existing customers may access the current course schedule from the ACS Customer Support website