Turn-key Services


In addition to our complete line of Smart Grid automation solutions, ACS has a group dedicated to providing expert installation and other value-added services to our customers.  The ACS Installation and Services Group (ACS Services) is a business unit within ACS focused on complete program management services.  Combining the expertise of our Advanced Control Systems personnel with select strategic partners throughout the US, was offering services in three primary areas:

  • Turnkey installations
  • Engineering services
  • Maintenance services


Our in-depth knowledge of the utility industry and our project management experience enable us to deliver outstanding service and value using highly qualifies and carefully selected contractors and equipment integrators across several disciplines.  Advantages to the utility of choosing ACS as your turnkey services contractor are:

  • A valued partner of choice for the electrical utility industry
  • Provider of turnkey installations, engineering, and maintenance services
  • Single point of contact for your project


Installation services

We can provide physical installation services, beginning with an engineering installation study, for:

  • RTUs
  • Video Surveillance
  • Communications (radio, optical fiber, wireless, as well as hybrid systems)
  • Control Center Design (video walls, furniture, equipment)


The ACS Services program manager will interface with ACS-approved suppliers and sub-contractors for planning, analysis, meetings, multiple project coordination, delivery and maintenance.  We will develop an installation inspection and test plan, and oversee quality and security documentation and control.



 City of Marietta Board of Lights & Water Control Room


Engineering services

We have a wealth of engineering resources available. These include:

  • Service Support contracts
  • Communications design
  • Database services
  • Distribution system modeling
  • Display building
  • Engineering studies
  • System administration



City of Piqua Ohio Electrical SCADA Fiber Optic Design, Procure, Install Project 

(36 miles completed in 8 months)



Maintenance services

To enhance the value of your equipment, we also provide specialized maintenance services. Maintenance services we provide include:


  • Electrical testing (protective relays, switchgear)
  • Video–wall and video surveillance
  • Distribution model maintenance
  • Communications maintenance contracts
  • Substation maintenance – RTU repair, control testing, programming, and more

More Information

For more information call 800.831.7223 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



ACS Turn-key Services Brochure PDF


ACS Turn-key Services Product Brochure