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ACS Lights Up Modern Dist Network

ACS Lights Up Modern Distribution Network Control Centers in India with PRISM™ ADMS
Atlanta – April 4, 2017 — Advanced Control Systems (ACS) announced today that they have successfully commissioned two state of the art distribution control centers which will manage network operations for a city of more than 18 million people and more than 4.5 million metered electricity customers. Located in Bangalore in southern India, the distribution utility has embarked on an ambitious smart grid modernization program designed to elevate customer service by leveraging automation technology throughout its asset base.  Central to the success of this multi-year project is the deployment of ACS’ leading PRISM real-time software platform, including SCADA, an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), and an Outage Management System (OMS).
Said Kevin Sullivan, CEO of ACS, “We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. It represents the culmination of years of effort and is an important milestone in helping India modernize its power delivery system. We are excited about helping to create the technology foundation that enables reliable electric services to reach all citizens of this great country.” 
It is believed that this PRISM deployment of SCADA, ADMS, and OMS on a single software platform, all operating from a common topology model, is one of the largest such installations of operational software technology anywhere in the world.  
About Advanced Control Systems
ACS is a leading power grid control software solutions and advanced automation technology to enhance the operational performance of the global electric power industry. For over 40 years, ACS has been a trend-setter in power grid control, both in the control center and distributed throughout the network.  With its award-winning PRISM software platform, ACS has been at the forefront for virtually every industry advancement in SCADA, Advanced Distribution Management (ADMS), outage management (OMS), energy management (EMS), network simulation & optimization, network visualization strategies, and control center ergonomic design. The ACS Centrix™ and NTX™ portfolios also provide utilities with state-of-the-art solutions that bring intelligent automation into the field via a comprehensive array of flexible and cost-effective substation, distribution, and feeder automation products. The ACS PRISM Mobility suite brings rich, real-time technical and operational content directly into the hands of utility crews, engineering personnel, and management so teams can act quickly and decisively to serve their customers under any circumstances.  

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