About Minsait

ACS is now part of Indra, a global leader in IT Solutions for Utilities.

Minsait, Indra’s IT Solutions business has a portfolio of innovative solutions ranging from smart metering, to active grid management and transactive energy for distributed markets.

The combined portfolios of ACS and Minsait represent the most comprehensive end-to-end solution suite across the energy value chain.

ACS and Minsait solutions include:

Over 450 Utilities worldwide support their key business processes using Minsait solutions.  Minsait’s Onesait platform is based on open standards to simplify integration with third-party systems for rapid application deployment and industry leading scalability.

Onesait Grid is a comprehensive modular solution which supports the business processes of transmission and distribution companies including the planning, development and maintenance of grid assets and advanced and proactive real-time control and operation of complex grids and distributed energy resources.  This platform leverages Industrial IOT, Edge Intelligence, a Real-Time Integration Bus and Big Data Analytics for unrivaled processing performance and optimized grid management.

While adding the Onesait Grid portfolio, the existing ACS brands of PRISM™, CENTRIX™ and NTX™ and associated solutions will remain intact.

With over 40 years of experience in addressing utility challenges and the industry’s most comprehensive solution set, ACS and Minsait can help solve your greatest digital transformation problems.