The technology company that carries a hot stick

The technology company that carries a hot stick

The technology company that carries a hot stick

Unlike the tech giants that carry smart grid solutions, Minsait ACS was born in the power industry, from our beginning as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art remote terminal units, to our present as a supplier of utility automation systems throughout the world.

Minsait ACS (Advanced Control Systems, Inc.), an Indra company, has created a record of industry firsts that parallels, and has often led, the evolution of energy distribution and management. We have provided supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, energy management systems, distribution management systems, and system components for electric, gas and water utilities since 1975. We manufactured and deliver products and systems necessary to effectively control the generation, transmission and distribution of power.

In 1977, we introduced a small microprocessor to meet the distinctive needs of rural electric authorities and municipalities. In 1983, a SCADA master computer that could accommodate bigger distribution management systems was showcased. We delivered the world’s first UNIX-based SCADA system in 1991, and the first energy management system employing fully-integrated power applications on an open system UNIX platform in 1995.

Our most recent achievements include the world’s first fully integrated DA/DSM system, the industry’s first integrated real-time outage management system and the newest fault detector module, jointly developed with the Portuguese Automation unit.

We offer the broadest range of high performance, scalable “intelligent grid” solutions for SCADA, distribution management, distribution automation, substation automation and energy management available today—all on a common platform.

Our Purpose

We believe energy is foundational to our civilization and our purpose is to place real-time information and control in the hands of our customers

Our Vision

We will be recognized by the energy industry and trusted by our customers as the go-to real time energy management solutions provider of the highest quality innovative products and services.

Our Mission

We implement Precision Real-time Information System Management through:

  • Intense focus on exceeding expectations of our customers
  • Innovative applications predicting new market requirements
  • Highly engaged and capable people ensuring on-time delivery
  • Delivering the highest value and quality for customers

    Our Guiding Principles

    • Our #1 priority is customer care, surpassing expectations in all we do
    • Meet 100% of commitments to our customers and co-workers
    • Be inquisitive – listen and learn about the needs of our customers and the activities of our competitors
    • Be innovative – Shape the future
    • Solve Problems by Engaging in Proactive Communication (SPEAC)
    • Work as a team to streamline processes for timely and efficient response and delivery
    • Take initiative and ownership to proactively find solutions to any challenge
    • Respect our team – internally and externally
    • Celebrate “teaming for Success”

      Our Quality Policy

      Our first responsibility is to meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to that responsibility and to ongoing improvement in our products and processes

        Adrian McNulty

        Adrian McNulty


        With Minsait ACS since 2016 

        Previously led ABB/Ventyx Pre-Sales Team for Transmission and Distribution solutions

        Worked in the career designing and commission power plant control systems with Siemens

        Holds a Bachelor in Engineering

        Ken Morgan

        Ken Morgan


        With Minsait ACS since 2003 

        Oversees project delivery, manufacturing operations and logistics

        Previously served as Director of Projects and Planning, where he was responsible for the proper completion of all active projects and the had-off to customer support

        Holds a Bachelor in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology

        Gary Ockwell

        Gary Ockwell


        With Minsait ACS since 1995

        Over 44 years of industry experience

        Responsible for Minsait ACS’ Smart Grid production direction and roadmap

        Previously with Harris Controls Division and Sask Power Corporation

        BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada

        Rhonda Mayfield

        Rhonda Mayfield

        Director of Human Resources

        With Minsait ACS since 2012 

        Over 25 years in the human resources profession.

        Previously lead total rewards management, organizational development, recruiting, and HRIS/payroll activities in the public sector and in manufacturing organizations.

        Bachelor of Science Degree from Clayton State University.

        Tim Jenkins

        Tim Jenkins


        With Minsait ACS since 2010 

        Over 33 years in the Accounting/Information Technology profession.

        Previously directed Audit, Accounting/Finance, and IT activities in public accounting(Deloitte), Kimberly Clark, and Yazaki North America.

        Responsible for Finance, Information Technology, Procurement and Legal operations.

        Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Georgia. Masters in Accountancy, University of Georgia.

        Licensed CPA.

        Jim Sutterfield

        Jim Sutterfield

        Director of Research and Development

        With Minsait ACS since 1982 

        Oversees staff of software and is responsible for the ongoing development of PRISM SCADA, DMS, EMS and RTU applications

        Previously served as PRISM Software Product Manager

        Holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology


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