Onesait Utilities Markets

Onesait Utilities Metering MDM

Cover all processes related to energy management. Control your portfolio, billing and market operations with Onesait Utilities Markets integrates energy management business in a common, modular and unified view.


Energy Management Integrated Solution

Onesait Utilities Markets is a complete and modular solution capable of managing all processes related to Energy Management.


  • Demand Forecast
  • Cost and Income Forecast
  • Market Prices


  • Generating and publishing bids to operate in Markets

Settlement and Billing Management

  • Meter Data Management
  • Participants information Exchange
  • Settlement and Shadow Settlement
  • Clients/Counterparties and Contract Management

Onesait Utilities Markets integrates in a common, modular and unified view all Energy Management Business. It integrates the whole Energy.

Management Processes, from optimizing and planning to portfolio management, market operation and settlement and billing processes.

Onesait Utilities Markets is made up of five modules: Planner, Settlement, Operations, MDM and Communication.


Forecast, Plan and Optimization

Information – Planner allows to load information both manually and automatically. The information generated will be stored in different “What if” scenarios. The original information will be always available.

Process Management – It allows to relate simulations in order to create automated processes. All the executions could be done manually by the user or programmed. Using this option the system allows to configure if they are unique or periodic executions.

Data Copy – Data copies allow to execute simulations without modifying original information. These copies are related to a certain “What if” scenario permitting the user to access the information and compare it easily.

Simulation Execution – Simulations could be done step by step or through execution lines. These lines allow to relate the execution of several models, dependent or not. These processes could be simulations, projections or mathematical calculations.

Monitoring – The system allows to monitor the status of every execution realized. All errors and warnings are reported
in order to permit the user to act to solve or improve the process result.

Configuration – Administration module permits basic parameter definition in order to run Planner correctly. It also allows model creation, execution lines, security management (users, roles, permissions), table definition, etc. Analytical tool that allows to do short, med and long term simulations. Centralized Management Data flow review to avoid bottlenecks and re-processing. Execution lines to trigger several dependent models. Programmed executions to improve performance.


Contract and Settlement Management

Data management – Settlement module allows you to upload information to the system automatically (planned) or manually. The user may, at any time, modify the information through the interface, giving all possible flexibility for the correct registration of the input data necessary for the process.

Shadow settlement – This process allows to a market participant to verify the accuracy of the settlement statements, comparing them with the settlements of concepts coming from an official publication in order to support ETRM processes.
Contract management – The Contract Management functionality allows the user to view all the information associated with the contract, contractual conditions, settlement results in one site. It is also possible to review the configuration of the associated concepts and formulas that lead to the settlement.

Billing – The invoice management gives the flexibility to configure different concepts to obtain the final invoice, group many contracts on the same billing along with integration with ERP system to send invoices and receiving payment information to support debt management.

Settlement & formula editor – The formulas management is a useful tool that let apply manual
adaptations in order to provide the correct settlement calculation. It also allows to have different formulas for different periods of time, helping the system to adapt on changes such as regulatory changes, discounts and more.

Administration & security – Settlement module has a powerful tool for managing users, roles and permissions, which allows for each user or group of users, to discriminate and control both business information and functionalities. It also includes a complete audit trail of all the actions performed on the system.


Electric Market Operation

Basic Principles

  • Modular
  • Can be integrated
  • Can operate in several Markets
  • Scalable
  • Secured

Main Features

  • Entity Management
  • Market Operation
  • Communication and integration
  • Market Settlement
  • Shadow Settlement
  • Administration & Security


Communication Module

Main Features

  • Upload/download & send files from different origins and formats
  • Managed by Jobs in Java
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Acts as a communications server
  • Several Communication protocols
  • External configuration in XML files
  • Possibility to execute post-load actions for each file
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